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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Not a whole lot to update about but I thought I would let all you know what is going on. Today marks one week with out Copper. I'm still a little sad but getting better. Caelum is doing really good about the whole thing. He still comes up to me every now and than and says he misses he friend Copper. He also is starting to say that Copper is at the North Pole with Santa. Kids say the cutest things. I know it will get better it is just going to take some time. I also need to stop looking at the humane soceity's web site to see if he got adopted. But I just feel so bad and I want to make sure that he is not in there for a very long time.
Conner is 5 months old now. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is almost sitting up by himself. He still hates to be on his belly but when he is on his back he rolls from side to side. He use to scream talk to us, now he has this thing that he growls or grunts. We miss the Scream talk it was much cuter.
Caelum is really enjoying going to school. He calls it school house because the lady teaches out of her house. I am just trying to get him to tell me and remember everything he learned that day and what he learned in the past. He is doing well.
Nate is doing good. Just still looking for another job. He still has one and is very thankful he does. He just wants a new one because he is feeling stuck at where he is at and he wants to grow in a company not stay the same.
As for me I am doing good. Just have a little cabin fever. Very glad that the weather is warming up. Well that is it for our family for now. I know long and boring post but oh well. OH one more thing I can't wait for friday night. I am going with Larkyn to the midnight realse party for the Twilight movie. So excited:)


Anna said...

The new Twilight movie is out already? Ugh! I haven't seen the first one and still am reading the second book. Sorry I suck.
That is good that Nate wants to be with a company that will allow his career to grow. That shows the mark of a good Daddy. He wants to support his family.
I was thinking about you today. I keep thinking, "We need to take the kids and the dogs to the park soon" and then I immediately remember about Copper. I'm sorry again that he is gone, hopefully someone will adopt him soon. But we still need to take the kids to the park or something since we live right by each other and are cooped up all day.