"There's a special place in Heaven for a mom of all boys." Author: Unknown

Friday, January 6, 2012

School, Birthday, Halloween and Christmas. Wow a lot to cover :)

Okay I know its been a while. Here is an update on whats been going on in our family the last couple of months. The last I posted Caelum just turned six in July. In August Nathan and I celebrated our 11th Wedding anniversary. Caelum started Kindergarten in September. I can't believe how big is getting. He loves his teacher Miss. Parker. Conner celebrated his 3rd birthday in October. He is so cute and kind (most of the time). We didn't do much in November. Nathan got to go to Boston in November it was fun being a lone with the kids for 4 days by my self (not). December was a busy month with all the Christmas parties. The boys got luck this year they got to see Santa twice. Below is some pics of all the craziness the last couple of months. Enjoy :)

Picture order.
1- Caelum's First day of Kindergarten.
2- The next 4 Conner's Birthday
3- The next 3 Halloween
4- The next 2 the boys with Santa at the Extended Hill Christmas party
5- Caelum at his Christmas program at School
6- The Next 4 Johnson Christmas Party
7- Christmas at our house.


Anna said...

You are so funny, I think it would be fun to deal with two boys all by myself for a few days! ;)

Thank goodness for our husbands, right?

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