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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday and Vacation

So this past week was a fun one for our family. Last Saturday (the 17th) we had Caelum,s 5th birthday party. He wanted a how to Train your Dragon party. It was lots of fun. We had it early in the day so we could finish packing and head up to Yellowstone. On Sunday was Caelum,s birthday so we went to Bear world. That was fun until Caelum decided to fall of one of the little kids rides when it was done and bonk his nose. After bear world we drove to west Yellowstone and just spent the rest of the day around town. The next day we went up in to Yellowstone to go to the upper and lower waterfalls. They are so pretty. I just love the sound of waterfalls. The next day we went to Old Faithful. It was fun to watch my kids watching it go off. Caelum really liked it. On wed we went up to Mammoth Hot Springs. walked around it for a little bit and the Caelum went on this fifteen min thing with a ranger so he could get his Junior Ranger Badge. All and all it was a fun week. A little hard at time with the kids in the car. Bellow is a slide of everything. We didn't get any of old faithful i I didn't put any of the other geysers on the slide show. Enjoy


crookstons said...

Looks like a fun time!! Pretty pictures! I love Yellowstone!