"There's a special place in Heaven for a mom of all boys." Author: Unknown

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Members

So yesterday Christmas came a little early for us as a family. Meet the new members of our family.

Remington "Remi" Hill

Maximus "Max" Hill

Remi is a German Short hair. He is 11 weeks old and full of energy. Max is a Boxer. He is only 4 weeks old and very timid right now but we know that will change having had a boxer before.


Anna said...

Is that your puppy I keep hearing? :)

They are cute! I would love to bring Will over to see them if you want. We have been missing you at church (I keep looking for you, but if your are there and I am just not seeing you, sorry about that). I hope you guys are doing well. We need to get together and visit soon - a play date maybe? I'll try to call you soon. I'm feeling much better now that I'm in my second trimester so I can be a bit more social. :)