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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Caelum is in soccer this year and it been really fun to watch him. His team name is the Purple Dragons. So cute what kids come up with. We don't have a lot of pic of him kicking the ball during the game because he is not very aggressive. One of his cousins is on his team with him. Here is a few pics before the first game he played a couple of weeks ago.

I think we will have to sign him up for Baseball next year because he really likes baseball and he always talks about wanting to play. We shall see.


Anna said...

I love to see the little kids in their soccer uniforms, they are so cute!
We are going to put Will in Tee-Ball next year. He loves doing that, I think it will be a hit. I wonder if Caelum and Will would be in the same age group for that.

Colby and Dani said...

I love little kids playing soccer! Their uniforms that are ridiculously too big, the way the kids just follow the ball like a mob, it's all so dang cute!!!

crookstons said...

That is so cute!! I bet he has so much fun!!