"There's a special place in Heaven for a mom of all boys." Author: Unknown

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Arrived

Conner Lynn Hill
8lb. 11oz.

This is our new little addition to our family. He was born on October 15th at 10:36pm. We are gald that he has come into our lives. Caelum is doing rather well with the addition of Conner. I am very surprised by that. I thought for sure that he would struggle with the change. Is he not just the cutest. I love his chunky cheeks. He also has a full head of Black hair that I hope he keeps. I am doing good considering that he was a big boy. I feel so much better with this time around than the last time.

This is conner the next morning

This is Conner in his going HOME outfit. So Cute

This is conner today just sleeping. He is always doing that. He has his nights and days mixed up right now.

Look at all that Hair.


FAB SIX said...

He really is wonderful. I am glad I came up to the hospital to see and hold him.

To break the day/night reverse you need to wake him often and try and keep him up longer in the daytime. Unwrap the blanket more and then he will sleep more at night. All my kids got mixed up, but I nipped that quickly by making them stay up.

Love you and your family. Please let me know when I can help you as I mentioned.


kierstie said...

he looks so cute and he looks like caelum just a little. i am excited that i have a new causin

Anna said...

Annette, I am so excited! I've been looking out my window wondering how things are going. I think he is adorable!

Marni said...

He is adorable. Little babies are the best. I miss the days of him just sleeping. Congrats!

crookstons said...

Congratulations! He is so cute! I can't wait to come see you guys! I am so glad things went more smoothly for you this time around! I am also glad that Caelum is adjusting well! That really helps!

arianne said...

he is SOO cute!!! we can't wait to meet him!!!! let us know when you will be blessing him!!

The Powells said...

he is so sweet!!! congrats...i cant wait to meet him

Brock and Kimber said...

Congratulations on your new little man!!! I think that he is so adorable. I am glad that you found my blog.

Kristin and Brandon Park said...

thanks for sending me the link to your blog! that is sooo exciting to have another little boy. I am excited that I can keep up with your family now!

candajohnsonfam said...

We are so happy for the both of you. He is so cute. Happy to hear that you guys are doing well.

Brandon and Dusty said...

Congratulations! He is such a cute little guy!