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Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay so I know this post might be dumb but oh well. I am so done being prego. I want this little guy to come out. I have about 20 days left. I have a question for anyone out there who wants to help me out. This little guy has bruised my rib and I have been dealing with it for about a week and a half but just can't any more. Is there something I can do so I can sleep again without pain. No matter what side I sleep on it takes forever to fall asleep because of the pain. I take Tylenol but that is not helping. Also warm baths aren't helping either. Please help!!!! There is one thing I will miss about being prego when this guy come out it's hearing Caelum say man mom your belly is getting big. What a cute little guy huh. He also likes to point to his belly and say my baby is kicking. Funny huh.


Anna said...

That is so cute about Caelum, I so want to be you! I want more babies!
I'm so so sorry you are so uncomfortable, I wish I could give you some pearls of wisdom to solve your dillemma, but I don't. I will say a prayer for you though. Have you thought about asking Nate for a blessing?
I love the picture of your belly.

FAB SIX said...

sorry annette you are in the last trimester where the baby grows the most. Ribs hurting is the baby growing and your ribs expand to allow room for baby (by the way once expanded ribs don't go back, so just be prepared for that)!

To get some comfort lay down on the bed and rub your ribs, your body is relaxed and your ribs won't hurt so much.

I am getting very excited to see the little guy. Not much longer.

The Powells said...

first of all you look so great...20 more days yeah!!! i wish i had some great advice, but it just sucks! i used to just take alot of baths, even though it didnt really help it was the only thing that felt good. can you take a 1/2 of unisom at night?? it might make you sleep. you should ask your dr.

Marni said...

My boys all kicked and bruised my ribs too. The only relief I felt was child birth. If you figure out a solution, let me know. Your little belly is so cute.